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2016 Dec 9-11 -EC GC Meeting Orlando FL

EC & GC minutes from Dec 9-11, 2016 meeting held in Orlando FL

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2017 GC Meeting Minutes 3-19-2017

Discussion BBoy and BGirl Presentation at Nationals; scheduling volunteers and meetings at Nationals; candidates for PR Dir and DanceSport VP and other topics.

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2017 GC Minutes Meeting 3/1/2017

topics included by-law discussion - independent director; definition update championship athlete; qualifications GC voting delegates; Acting PR Director; and other topics

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2017 GC Meeting Minutes 2-8-2017

Several topics including proposal for PR (social media) and administrative committees; Ethics Committee bylaws Article 13 and selection of cmte members

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2017 GC Meeting Minutes 1-30-2017

Review Dec 2016 minutes, development project plans, DanceSport Council organizational chart, other topics

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2017 GC Meeting Minutes 1-5-2017

GC minutes covering review meeting procedure, ratification new directors

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2017 GC Meeting Minutes 1-1-2017

GC introduction; view of direction; confirmation of directors

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2016 GC minutes 10-13-2016 phone conference

dual membership, Westlake/Stroick grievance, legal action Brocks, budget 2017, AD, ethics board

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2016 GC minutes 7-06-2016

Phone meeting, USA Dance Academy, budget, WDSF TV project, leadership changes, bylaws changes and various other topics

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2016 EC minutes - 6-2-2016

Discussion of grievance submitted by parents of competitor re juding at nationals and need to resolve

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2016 GC Minutes May 22-23, 2016

Minutes of Governing Council meeting in Orlando FL - topics included election procedures, filling vacancies, job descriptions, music licensing, code of ethics, policyon bank accounts, vendors and other topics

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2016 EC minutes 5-15-16

Committee formed to investigate athlete grievance

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2016 EC minutes 4-17-2016

Proposal to set up sub-committee to review two athlete grievances; development LA chapter and other topics

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2016 GC minutes 3-6-2016

Various topics incl Nicole Palagashvili apptd as DS Delagate, ratification N&E cmte; 2016 budget; Sterling Sightler apptd as Rules & Eligibility Chair and Ann Durocher as Chair Competition Cmte and more

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2016 EC minutes 2-24-2016

DSI approved as USA Dance sponsor; approval honorary life memberships Bill & Phyllis Bennet, Jerry Bonmer and Ray Kaufman and other topics

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2016 GC - email vote 2-3-16

Ken Richards approved as Senior VP and Stan Andrews as DanceSport VP

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2016 EC email vote 1-30-16

Email vote to confirm members of the National Nominations & Elections Cmte for 2016 election

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2016 EC minutes 01-31-2016

Ken Richards apptd Senior VP & Stan Andrews as DanceSport VP subject to ratification by GC; music licensing update; various other topics

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2016 EC email vote 1-17-16

Email vote to confirm new Pittsburgh chapter 3007 board

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2015 EC minutes of 12-12-15

Efrosyni Iosiphidis re-appointed Dir Administrative Support; new board Pittsburgh chapter 3007 approved

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2015-GC minutes 11-15-15

Phone mtg - Karen Adams apptd Dir District 8, Jack Reinhold Dir Dist 11; discussion budget; update financial audit

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2015-GC minutes 11-01-15

Peter Pover ratified as Senior VP

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2015 EC email vote 10-31-2015

EC email vote to confirm Leland Whitney as investigating officer re Wally complaint

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2015 EC minutes 12-6-15

Report on Wally grievance reviewed and accepted; discussion Yang Chen's resignation

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2015-GC minutes Oct 25, 2015 phone meeting

topics included financial review, JCC Assoc partnership, question re copyright infringement, resignations

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2015-GC minutes Oct 11, 2015 phone meeting

various topics incl status 990's, end year reports, complaint, hardware owned, audit; NCDC membership offer, bylaws

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2015-GC minutes (final) of 09-2015 in TX with clos

GC mtg held in Frisco TX - varied topics

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2015-EC-082315 EC Minutes

Music licensing, transitions, and other topics

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2015-EC-012215 EC Minutes

stratigic plan review

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2015-GC-061815 GC Minutes

discussion various topics incl budget, insurance, membership task force and others

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2015-EC-041215 EC Minutes

bylaw interpretation

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2015-EC-012615 EC Minutes

email vote - volunteer of year

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2014-EC 012114 EC Minutes

2011 inquiry re election procedure - email vote

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2014-EC-021714 EC Minutes

social media restrictions; DS Intl Ltd

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2014-EC-022314 EC Minutes

various topics

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2014-EC-031714 GC Minutes

rulebook revision

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2014-EC-032714 EC Minutes

re annual general membership mtg

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2014-EC-032914 and 033014 EC Minutes

communications - various topics

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2014-EC-040714 EC Minutes

Rulebook change, budget, Natl Formation & Showdance

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2014-GC-041214 and 041314 GC Minutes-Phila

GC meeting in Phila -Strategic Planning, Director positions, budget

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2014-EC-041214 EC Minutes-Phila

Director positions

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2014-GC-043014 GC Minutes

phone conference - various topics

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2014-EC-060114 EC Minutes

various topics incl strategic planning, membership task force, bylaw interpretation ....

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2014-EC-062214 EC Minutes

multiple topics

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2014-EC-072714 EC Minutes

various topics

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2014-EC-081714 EC Minutes 27.4 KB
2014-GC-092714 and 092814 GC Minutes-Chicago

planning - various topics

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2014-GC-111614 GC Minutes

DS rule change, budget, and other topics

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2014-EC-112314 EC Minutes

appointment Director District 1; request chapter 2011

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2014-GC-121814 GC Minutes


271.5 KB
2014-GC-122814 GC Minutes

budget and various other topics

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